Welcome to the Autumn of '99 Insmaple update. Major reason for this is the release of Witcyst's "Roslyn" CD. I will not bore you with the longwinded details - suffice to say, $$ were found and the sleeve has been printed as intended.

Now the focus shifts to the Armpit 7", probably on acetate (we're experimenting/a dubious marketing ploy) and the C/Apparatus CD. With invoices awaiting payment and a tax return to be compiled in the next few months, I hope to see these out in the first half of '99. I appreciate our release dates seem to lag about 6-12 months behind schedule, please bear with us.

Your ongoing support is much appreciated,
Simon Baker

Ordering Information
You'll notice two prices; the first is for orders from NZ and the other is for o/seas. All prices quoted are in NZ$ and include postage, airmail for o/seas. Insample will accept cash and cheques, though please make these out to Simon Baker. O/seas cheques take 21 working days to clear. Any questions do not hesitate to write to us.

Wholesale Details
Our efforts to distribute Insample releases have to this date been laxadaisical - '99 is the year of effort. Having said that Revolver/Drunken Fish and Z/Point in the US have been excellent. Cross the Atlantic and Fisheye, BWCD and 4th Dimension have been more than obliging. Closer to home Pretty On The Inside are alright by us. Please if you are interested in stocking/'distributing' Insample releases, please contact us at:

22 Larch Street
New Zealand

For starters, Insample is online. Our previous catalogue is part of the Teledu Records website. This site not only include the machinations of Paul Hirst's expanding empire, but the activities of such luminaries as:

Mentioned last time, the BCM CD on D/Fish is now out and a gorgeous thing it is too. Closer to home Campbell Kneale continues to issue a fine series of lathe-cut recordings. A split 8" with the RHBand is gone, and another split release, this time a 7" with Neil Campbell (get it) has possibly joined. Though the latest missive from this gossip mill is that the next BCM release possibly a double LP will see the light of day on E/Peace!

Racket and the Stabbies
Releases some of the finest music on acetate in NZ. Stefan Neville will follow up sold-out '98 LPs by the likes of Witcyst, BCM and Crude this year with the likes of Willis's first Plop tape - one of the finer 'lost' local recordings.

Worthy of mention are the activities of Bob Hellier's Just Jazz - a mailorder outlet for the finest in free jazz/contemporary improved music. Quality labels/musicians: FMP, Atco; Emanem; Brotzman, Lacy and Taylor to name a few. Send Bob your $$$ c/o PO Box 5231, Lambton Quay, Wellington NZ.


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