IN001 Richard Youngs "St Helena" 7"
Sold Out
IN002 Witcyst "Roslyn" CD
"Roslyn" was originally planned as a 7" release several years ago After much delay (on our part), it will finally emerge, expanded, on the digital format. And provides opportunities far beyond those offered through the dozens of acetate 7"s, hundreds of tapes available in very limited quantities on his Extemporization imprint - to hear Whangarei's Witcyst. What is offered here is a 44 track take on over 10 years worth of sound creation that runs the gamut of expression; be it lost in the woods alien folk mumble to blinding, planet colliding psyche excess to primitive 'noise' mayhem. Witcyst fleshes out an unheralded dimension of the contemporary NZ scene. The project is now completed with the printing of the 8 page, full colour 7" sized booklet of Witcyst's unparalleled collage art. $20 / $25
IN003 Matthew Bower / Richard Youngs "Site / Realm" LP
Joint release with US label, VHF. Our copies have gone, but you can try them.
IN004 Birchville Cat Motel CD
Possibly able to be pigeon-holed as 'out-of-nowhere', but not. Wellingotn's Birchville Cat Motel, aka Campbell Kneale has used guitar, cymbal and electrics to create an (unconscious) juxtaposition of elements distilled from; Teutonic pulse, contemporary Japanese power electronics and the last decades worth of UK bedroom excursions which stands as an integrated whole. Or as Opprobrium put it... "really is improvised noise of a quite rare and exquisite nature..." $20 / $23
IN005 Armpit "Suns Movement Across Darkening Skies" 7"
Armpit have existed on the fringe of the NZ tape scene in a rather 'nebulous' fashion for some time now. A band of anonymous membership and no fixed abode, these tracks showcase their ability to graft stultifying riff mongery onto lofi density scrawl blast... huh?



IN006 Casagrante Apparatus "Cheertosokiatoa" CD
Dunedin's Casagrante Apparatus present a different take on the sound of the South - one that flirts with the other side of the coin inhabited by Sandoz Lab Technicians. Wherein the 'claustrophobia' is supplanted by a no motion trancescape in this particular freedom dance. A trio made up of Justin Buli, Les O'Neil and Stefan Neville, who feature on the Drunken Fish compilation of Crawlspace artists series.


In the distant future...

IN007 Lugosi CD
This is now all go for the 2nd half of '99. Details next update.

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