25/7> new releases (untitled)(su004) from a.h jones as well as a collaboration project, ANSI i wish you would all just fuck off...(su003), featuring Simon Clough (PASICA) and Andrew Jones. Thanks for all the interest, the MP3s seem to be working well, watch for new MP3s soon.

15/5> added some links to mp3 files, they are complete tracks encoded at 64kB/s (radio quality), I don't know what the transfer rates are going to like so email me and tell me if it is too slow. Currently running off the new release from ah Jones and finishing off the cover design for ANSI. Enjoy the sounds...

26/4> ah Jones bastille (su001) and PASICA we all left here(su002) have been released!!!, yes i have finally managed to complete these two gems (a tad later than the desired mid April, but better late than early). Initial runs are twenty five of each, so be in quick. Also you may have noticed that the web site has shifted home, special thanks to Carolyn, Paul and the lovely folks @ the octopig for hosting this for me. Well that's about all the news, look forward to upcoming releases from ah Jones, arc-0, and ANSI.

-cheers simon